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Hot Melt Adhesives (HMA)

Gala Systems for HMA Production are designed to be cost effective at pellet rates up to 4.550 kg/h. The typical Gala HMA production system will include a vessel, booster pump, melt pump, screen changer, melt cooler / hot oil system, polymer diverter valve with side discharge, water box by-pass system, underwater pelletizer, tempered water system, centrifugal dryer and process control system.

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MicroPellet Technology

A micropellet is typically around 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm diameter compared to an industry standard pellet size of around 3 mm. Micropellets are often used in rotational molding processes, where the major advantage over powder is the elimination of the two-step compounding and grinding operations. Micropellets are virtually dust free compared to powder. With micropellets being uniform in shape and having a tight distribution, cycle times and/or temperatures can be reduced by using micropellets. Masterbatch micropellets allow very accurate dosing at low rates, good dispersion and easy and efficient clean-up compared to powdered pigments. Additional applications for micropellets include clothing decoration, floor and sports surface applications, toner, insecticide, and more.

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Crystalline Pellet Technology (CPT®)

Direct crystallization process avoids the use of expensive pre-crystallizers and crystallizers prior to taking the PET pellets into the SSP process or other downstream after-treatment processes. The Gala CPT process complements this process and is superior in method of operation.
Goals of CPT Process:
•Retain sufficient heat in pellets to cause crystallization without additional external heat; •All the free flowing pellets to go directly into packaging or other downstream process

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Continuous Process (CP) System

Gala Underwater Pelletizers are frequently used for the continuous and discontinuous production of Polycondensation Polymers (polyamides, polyester, etc.) downstream of a reactor.


Gala provides underwater pelletizing systems for post industrial recycling by converting the recovered scrap back into pellet form. Gala centrifugal dryers are used in large post-consumer scrap conversion, downstream of size reduction equipment and the wash and dry process. Clean, dry scrap can then be re-pelletized.

i-Heat® Process (patent pending)

i-Heat® is a patent pending process that uses gas injection to separate and speed your polymer to the Gala dryer. An inert gas is injected into a key point in the process slurry line. This decreases the residence time and contact time with water, which results in a pellet with most of its internal heat (i-Heat) remaining. This internal heat flashes off moisture, which results in highly improved moisture levels.